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A Labour of Love

We take dreams seriously!

  • Axel Schaefer

    Axel Schaefer, CEO and creative head of BERLINRODEO. Born 1970, in Brandenburg A.D. Havel

  • Ingo Hoelters

    Ingo Hoelters, COO and commercial affairs at BERLINRODEO. Born 1966 in Cologne

  • Elliot von Schmahlfeldt-Schaefer

    Elliot von Schmahlfeldt-Schaefer, CCV - chief of charm and vigilance. Born 2007 in Antalya

We believe that the art of interior design lies as much in paying close attention to the customer’s desires as it does in successfully realising concepts. Our mission is to help you express your personal taste. That’s why we are BERLINRODEO

Our eye for detail enables us to create environments that are tailored to suit the individual. We take challenges head on and are passionate about making your space even better than you’d ever imagined it could be.

What they say

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